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4 Star Self Catering Accommodation Berwick upon TweedWe are a Stay and Gaze LocationHigh Letham lies to the South and at the foot of Halidon Hill, the site of a decisive battle in 1333 between the English and the Scots for control of Berwick.  On 19 July, 1333 Edward III of England defeated Lord Archibald Douglas of Scotland, amid a scene of terrible carnage.

The English forces were in possession of Halidon Hill, as the Scottish Army advanced boldly up the hill, but the English archers with their longbows proved decisive, the showers of arrows wreaking havoc among the close ranks of the Scots.

The English spearmen and men – at – arms followed up their advantage and the Scots had no choice but to flee.
The slaughter was dreadful, so much so that thousands of the Scots including their commander, perished on the field of battle.
In this more peaceful era take time to visit Conundrum Farm just 2 miles North of High Letham up the A1, on the left www.conundrumfarm.com to walk the Halidon Hill Battle Trail – open from Easter to October.

Then venture into Berwick, England’s most Northerly town. A town that has changed hands fourteen times, finally ceded to England in 1482. Yet by 1551 it was transformed into an independent burgh, neither English nor Scots, still a matter of some debate even in recent times.